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Lifelong Portable Monitor 15.6" Model G70

Lifelong Portable Monitor 15.6" Model G70

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  • 1080P FHD HDR Portable Monitor:  The Lifelong portable laptop monitor measures 15.6 inches and features an IPS LCD screen that produces bright colors with high accuracy. It has a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels, a 16:9 aspect ratio, and a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees. Additionally, it supports HDR and has a low blue light setting to reduce eye strain. The image and video quality are excellent
  • Multiple Ports and Highly Compatible: This portable computer monitor comes with USB Type-C ports that allow for high-definition transmission of video signals using just one Type-C cable. No additional drivers are necessary, as it is designed to be plug-and-play. Additionally, the monitor has a Mini HDMI Port, making it easy to use as an external monitor for a range of devices such as computers, laptops, Macbooks, all major gaming consoles, as well as tablets and phones.
  • Perfect for Travel: The Lifelong travel monitor has an ultra-slim and portable design, measuring only 0.3 inches in thickness and weighing just 1.5 lbs. This makes it incredibly easy to carry around in your hands or bag while you're out and about, enabling you to be productive anywhere you go. 
  • Multiple Screen Modes: The USB C portable monitor offers several different modes, including Duplicate, Extend, Second Screen, and Portrait modes.
  • Foldable Kickstand: Operating the monitor is straightforward, as you can easily use the kickstand to switch between landscape and portrait modes. The kickstand is conveniently located on the back of the Lifelong monitor and can be hidden and retracted to keep it from being bulky. With its simple operation and versatile kickstand, this monitor is an excellent choice for enhancing your experience in various activities such as business, learning, movie watching, gaming, and more.
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Customer Reviews

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Ruby Larson
Updated- It had potential

Update: Great customer service!! I emailed in August (bought in Feb) about it not working anymore. They ran through troubleshooting issues with me and when nothing fixed the problem, they sent a replacement. The new one works great!Original review- The concept is great, I was very excited to find this and could not wait to use it. I expected to have to buy one for each of my kids, too, since they're always on their phones. But it turned out to be one of the biggest wastes of money.The display turns on and off randomly and an insane amount of times. Everything from the battery to the "touchscreen" to the sound is disappointing.

Nelson Boyce
Easy to use, very sturdy stand

I really like this portable monitor for its ease of use. Although the screen quality isn't the best, it's good enough for getting work done. The stand is super sturdy and can be set to stand at any normal viewing angle with ease. Plus, there's no flicker, so the image remains stable.

Betty Grant
Minor Issue but Great Customer Service

This monitor has good picture quality and works great. There was a ringing sound that developed after using it for a few months, so I contacted customer support and they worked with me to send me a new one, free of charge. Great customer service!

Kendra Briggs
Great companion

Bought for travel since I need dual monitors for work. Monitor was packaged well, is well made and comes with everything needed to use right away. It comes with 3 different cables (hdmi, usb c, usb) and a cover to protect it. I love the large clear screen which has a vivid picture. Note, I am not a gamer. The size, approximately 15.5 inches coordinates well with my laptop. The power and settings buttons are easy to access on side. The settings buttons were a bit confusing to navigate changes but not unlike other monitor settings buttons. Connected immediately to laptop without issue. Waiting on a lightening-hdmi cable to connect to iPhone, which was not included. The monitor has the Vespa holes to connect to wall or stand. The included case/cover also works as a stand, like an iPad case. So far very pleased with this monitor. I pack it in my laptop bag and go.

Trent Manning
Nice Value for the Price

Solid 1080p IPS panel for traveling. It gets decently bright but I wouldn't recommendusing in direct sunlight. For the actual display quality, colors are as vivid as you'd expect of an IPS panel, definitely a step up from some gaming laptops, but definitely a bit lacking compared to panels used in the higher end laptops. I currently use it as a second monitor for Discord and Youtube and so far it's holding up. Not much to say about build quality as I've only had this for a week, but if you travel quite often or are looking for decent portable display, this one does the job.