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Lifelong Ergonomic Laptop Stand For Desk, Adjustable Height Up To 20"

Lifelong Ergonomic Laptop Stand For Desk, Adjustable Height Up To 20"

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  • UPRYZE ERGONOMIC STAND! If You are having issues with your back then you are at the right place, Our ERGONOMIC LAPTOP STAND is compatible and will work perfectly for ALL MACBOOK AND LAPTOPS of all sizes from 10 inch tablets to 17 inch laptops including MacBook Air, Pro, 10, 13, 15, 15.6 and 17 inch laptops. You can USE IT WHILE SITTING OR STANDING. With it's cool design, it even keeps your laptop cool so that it DOESN'T OVERHEAT.
  • EASILY ADJUSTED! Our multi-use UPRYZE Laptop stand was designed as an amazing adjustable computer pulpit stand that CAN EASILY BE ADJUSTED for zoom conferences and meetings, watching a movie, video gaming or can even be used for cooking as a cookbook stand. it's just an amazing gifted notebook stand. The UPRYZE computer stand was specially designed so that you can USE IT AS A STANDING DESK in addition to your regular desk. It's FOLDABLE DESIGN keep your office uncluttered.
  • STANDING DESK MEASUREMENTS! The UPRYZE computer stand is perfect for use as a PORTABLE STANDING DESK and can be adjusted easily to achieve the correct height and angle. The top base RISES UP TO 20 INCHES from the floor of the stand and the ARM EXTENDS up to 13 inches. In addition to that, the arm has 20 different arm lengths so the laptop pulpit stand can adjusted according to your needs. Use our portable standing desk when needed at full height and EASILY PACK IT AWAY when you sit down.
  • GRAB ALONG IN YOUR BACKPACK! Never miss out using your "POSTURE-SAVING" laptop pulpit stand! The UPRYZE portable laptop stand can be taken along in your backpack so you can use it while WORKING AT HOME and also at your OFFICE and it will solve all your posture issues. The UPRYZE laptop stand is a must have home office supplies product and a useful office accessories for men and women. Get your employees (and yourself of course!) something that will completely CHANGE THEIR OFFICE EXPERIENCE!!!!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 1107 reviews
Top product, good price

This has been my first choice of product to enable me traveling around without losing the possibility to change the position regularly between sitting and standing, wherever I work. It's very stable, not too large and weight is also fine (to move it around) for me. Anybody who needs a safe traveling stand enabling situational movements and fast adaptation to the environment has clearly my recommendation for this product !

Gregory Evans

So far, there is nothing I dislike about this product. I just received this laptop holder today & it exceeds expectations. I read a LOT of reviews before settling on this one. Some reviews said it's too stiff or difficult to adjust. I find that a bonus! It's not difficult to adjust, but it's strong and sturdy. I put my 15.6 laptop on there, adjusted it and it's not moving!!! Has NO CHANCE of falling off or being knocked over. And the price is right, also looks good on my desk in my little home office. Looks like it should last a long time!!!

Roger Keeler
So Sturdy!

Ive been looking for a solid computer stand and im glad I purchased this one. The stand seems durable and made of strong metal. No complaints.

Christian Hargrove
Perfect stand

The stand is sturdy, it doesn't collapse on you. It elevates perfectly. Well worth the money.

Milton Harvey
Sturdy and good material

I like this item. I needed something that could give me a standup option when working at home in a comfy setting. It’s better than having the laptop on my lap and my neck doesn’t hurt. I would buy this again.